Available Scholarships

Turner Catledge Scholarship

The Catledge Scholarship is funded by an endowment from The New York Times Foundation to honor a former executive editor. The scholarship is awarded to Communication majors based on need and promise as students and professionals typically illustrated through submission of a portfolio.

Founders Scholarship

This scholarship honors four founders of the department’s programs: Dr. Robert G. Anderson, Dr. Dominic J. Cunetto, Dr. E. Samuel Dudley, and Mr. Henry F. Meyer. Communication majors who are sophomores, juniors or seniors and who have at least “B” averages are eligible. Specific qualifications are typically demonstrated through portfolios that illustrate promise in leadership or in the various fields of communication.

Earl “Love” Guyton Scholarship

Established by the Guyton family to honor their late brother and cousin, this award is made to junior and senior Communication majors based on academic record, community service, and promise in the field of communication often demonstrated through a portfolio.

Hank Flick Outstanding Service Scholarship

This scholarship honors Dr. Hank Flick, a Communication faculty member who has demonstrated his commitment to the ideals of community service. Candidates must have at least a 2.25 overall grade point average and must be at least a freshman at MSU with the scholarship, to be awarded for sophomore year or later. Awards are based on a record of service to the community and MSU illustrated through resume or portfolio detailing service and leadership activities.

Jack Cristil Scholarship

Established by the Sid Salter, a long-time friend of Mr. Cristil, to honor “the Voice of the Bulldogs,” this award is made to entering freshmen or full-time students majoring in Communication with a concentration in broadcasting or journalism. Entering freshmen must have 3.5 cumulative high school GPA. Others must have a 3.0 college GPA. Preference is given to those pursuing sports broadcasting or sports journalism.

Paula Mabry Scholarship

Established by Dr. and Mrs. Donald Mabry in December of 1998, the Paula Mabry Scholarship is available to any full-time student majoring in Communication with a theatre concentration. Applicants will be reviewed by theatre faculty and selected due to their potential in theatre, leadership ability, and good moral character.

Helen and Joe Philips Scholarship

The Phillips Scholarship was established by the couple’s children to honor their parents who had business interests in broadcasting. The award is given to juniors and seniors based on need, academic achievement (“B” average minimum) and leadership ability.

Dominic J. Cunetto, Sr. Endowed Theatre Scholarship

This scholarship honors Dr. Dominic J. Cunetto, Sr., a founder and the first director of the MSU theatre program. Incoming and currently enrolled students in the Theatre concentration are eligible. Applicants should have demonstrated academic achievement, talent in one or more of the various areas of theatre, and competence in at least a second area of theatre. Students should demonstrate practical experience through supplemental material to the application.

A.G. “Aggie” Weems Scholarship

The Weems Scholarship was established by his family to honor the leading Mississippi press figure. It is awarded yearly to a junior or senior Journalism student based on academic record.

Steven and Anna Grizzle Scholarship

Established by Steven and Anna Grizzle, this award is provided to current or incoming Communication majors with at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA and demonstrated financial need. Priority will be given to out-of-state students.

Lora J. DeFore Summer Internship Scholarship

Applications are due April 1

The Lora J. DeFore Memorial Endowed Scholarship was established to honor the memory of long-time MSU Department of Communication instructor Lora DeFore. DeFore taught a variety of courses and served as the department’s public relations coordinator and internship coordinator over her 19 years of service to the university. DeFore spent countless hours helping students secure internships and teaching the communication internship course. The scholarship aims to give financial aid to students who have secured an internship or are trying to secure a summer internship.

Eligibility Requirements

Don and Sharon Vaughan Broadcasting Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2021 by Dr. and Mrs. Don and Sharon Vaughn to support a deserving student who promotes academic excellence within the broadcasting program. Dr. Vaughn has been in the radio industry for over 46 years and is currently a lecturer for the department. This award is made to Communication majors with an emphasis in broadcasting.

Mary Sumners Lee memorial Scholarship

Established by her company, Frontier Strategies, this scholarship honors Mary Sumners Lee, a Jackson, MS native, and her dedication to the profession of advertising, marketing and communications. Lee loved Mississippi State University and had a passion for improving the health and quality of life for people in Mississippi. Communication majors who are juniors or seniors are eligible.