Alumni Spotlight
Anna Minor Grizzle

by Abbie Kate Hancock

Anna Minor GrizzleHuntsville, Ala., native Anna Minor Grizzle graduated from Mississippi State in 1994 with Bachelor's in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations.

Grizzle is a Partner at the law firm of Bass, Berry & Sim PLC in Nashville, Tenn., where she represents healthcare clients in regulatory, compliance and operations matters. 

Grizzle said she grew up wanting to be a lawyer and attended law school at the University of Alabama.

“My work includes advising clients on how to structure arrangements or address issues to be compliant with the various state and federal healthcare regulations,” said Grizzle. “As issues arise, I also defend clients in government investigations.”

Grizzle was involved around campus while at MSU and had several internships that prepared her for law school and the work force.

“My experience writing for The Reflector as well as several internships that required writing on a deadline prepared me well for being a lawyer,” said Grizzle. “These experiences helped me learn to express ideas succinctly, which is vital for success as a lawyer.

Grizzle said the most important thing she realized while applying for jobs and interviewing for positions was learning as much as you can about the company and industry in which you are applying for. 
“Interviewers are impressed when someone takes the time to educate themselves about the business;  after being hired, continue to learn about the company and industry,” said Grizzle. “It will make you better at your job if you understand the big picture.”

Favorite Communication class you took and why?
Elements of Persuasion stands out, which probably is not surprising since I decided to go to law school. It was challenging and very helpful for my future career.

Preparation for graduate school and the workplace?
The writing and public speaking skills gained through the department's curriculum provided an excellent foundation for my legal career. Both skills are fundamental to the success of any lawyer.

Favorite Communication professor and why?
Can there be a three-way tie? Lora DeFore, Frances McDavid and John Forde are at the top of the list.  Each of them took the time to get to know me personally, helped me with making internship and career decisions, and kept in touch long after I graduated. I would like to think I was special, but I recognize many students can say the same thing about each of them. They invested in students and are a big reason the Department's graduates are able to have successful careers.