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RIT Global

General Policies


In order to be eligible to study abroad on any type of program, all RIT students must:

  • Be matriculated at RIT. A student cannot audit a study abroad course;
  • Be cleared by RIT’s Conduct and Conflict Resolution office;
  • Not have a financial hold on their eServices account;
  • Be in good academic standing and have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA at the time of application (students with lower GPAs may appeal and will be considered on a case-by-case basis);
  • Meet any program specific eligibility requirements such as pre-requisites, class level, etc.
  • Attend a mandatory Pre-Departure program

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, all faculty, staff, students and others participating in RIT study abroad/international travel must be fully vaccinated against COVID or have a valid RIT exemption. If you have a valid RIT exemption to the vaccination requirement please be advised that your ability to participate in RIT study abroad/international travel will be subject to any requirements imposed by a host country. RIT may be able to provide reasonable accommodations for individuals with a valid RIT exemption, provided that they do not alter the nature of the educational experience for others participating in RIT study abroad/international travel, but it cannot change host country COVID requirements.

Please visit the RIT COVID-19 Vaccination Information website for more information.