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Salary and Career Info

Philosophy BS

A philosophy degree in which you'll evaluate complex problems, identify and examine underlying principles, investigate issues from diverse perspectives, and clearly communicate your point of view.

Program skills

Categorize, critique, assess, and compare major figures and movements in the history of philosophy. Apply different theoretical approaches to ethical and other value-oriented issues. Examine, reconstruct, and fairly assess various and opposing arguments on a subject. Present cogent arguments in support of their own philosophical positions. Formulate a thesis, conduct literature review, perform necessary research, and present and defend a defined philosophical position.

Program job titles reported

Business Ethics Consultant; Lawyer; Teacher; Policy Analyst; Paralegal

Experiential Learning

Cooperative Education and Internships

Cooperative education and internships are work experience in your field of study. And they set RIT graduates apart from their competitors. It’s exposure–early and often–to a variety of professional work environments, career paths, and industries.  

Cooperative education is optional but strongly encouraged for philosophy majors.