Peer Navigators

Portrait of Kate Hickey

My advice to students is to meet with your department chairs and program directors since they will often end up being your faculty advisor or a good person to go to with specific questions about your major. My favorite thing about COLA is the size of the college. The class sizes tend to be smaller, so I feel more like a person to my professors. 

Kate Hickey

Majors: International and Global Studies; Public Policy
Other Program: 3+3 BS/JD Accelerated Pre-Law Program
Hometown: Halifax, Massachusetts
Email: [email protected]
Campus Involvement: Women in Business, RIT Pre-Law Society, and the Honors Program

Portrait of Kas Claussen

I absolutely love RIT because of the access to opportunities and resources that I hadn't seen at other colleges, along with the sense of community and belonging I felt the second I stepped on campus. It's this sense of community that is also one of my favorite things about COLA, the feel of a small inter-knit community within a larger, resourceful campus. It really give you the ability to explore new concepts and skills, meet people from all sorts of backgrounds, and dive into a new area while having the safety and familiarity of the Liberal Arts community behind you. 

Kas Claussen

Major: Psychology
Minor/Immersion: Legal Studies, Criminal Justice, ASL
Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Email: [email protected]
Campus Involvement: A-Space, the Q-Center and Circle K

Portrait of H Rose

My favorite part of RIT is how widespread and broad the entire university is, which makes COLA all the better since you are able to take classes in multiple colleges and have a more specialized and unique experience. You are able to meet so many different people with different skill sets and interests from different majors and colleges while taking your classes. Being able to branch out into different areas of the college really lets you take full advantage of all that RIT has to offer students. COLA has some of the more exciting classes you can take, make sure to look out!

H Rose

Major: Digital Humanities and Social Sciences
Hometown: Watkins Glen, New York
Email[email protected]
Campus Involvement: RIT Bowling Club, RIT Players, League of RIT

Portrait of Hannah Riley

My favorite thing about COLA is how connected everyone is. A lot of the COLA faculty make strong connections with students that make students feel welcomed. I also love that RIT is a big school because it is easier to find a niche group of people that you fit in with and there are also more resources. RIT has a great sense of community I always feel welcome wherever I go and feel at home while I am on campus.

Hannah Riley

Major: Museum Studies
Minor/Immersion: History, French
Hometown: Buffalo, New York
Email: [email protected]

Portrait of Phoebe Day

My favorite part of COLA is the never ending support you receive from the faculty, staff, and fellow students. With attending such a large institution, we have access to the resources of a big school, yet we are able to have an intimate community in COLA. I always feel like my advisors and professors truly care about me and my success not only in the classroom but outside of the classroom, too.

Phoebe Day

Majors: International and Global Studies
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Email: [email protected]
Study Abroad: Malmo, Sweden (planned)