Plan Your Hunt

Our expert guides have come up with some tips and tricks to making your hunt as enjoyable as possible. Ace in the Hole Outfitters is happy to answer any questions you may have, starting with your application process.

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Hunting Tips

Western Wyoming has a diverse terrain that provides amazing scenic views, however this can test one’s physical abilities. We provide horses and/or 4×4 vehicles that will help assist with this, however walking is involved on all hunts. We have assisted a wide variety of hunters in all shapes and sizes, and encourage anyone who is coming from a lower elevation to prepare him or herself physically. Typically, it takes 3 days to become acclimated to our elevation, so if you are able to arrive on your trip early and see the sites this can also help. Our horses are well trained and very gentle, however horse hunters are advised to ride at least a couple times before the beginning of the trip.


  • Always let the horse know you are approaching make a sound, make eye contact.
  • Do not make quick or aggressive movements on or around horses.
  • Place your rifle in the scabbard gently. Do not swing the rifle above or in front of the horse’s head (like a club).
  • Have a hold on the neck rein when mounting or dismounting
  • Slide your left foot out of the stirrup as you dismount
  • The horses are gentle and trained for the mountains trust them!


  • Hunting season can be very dry. Be extra careful.
  • If you smoke, smoke only in barren areas, make sure the cigarette is out, please do not discard butts on the ground.
  • Warming fires need to be put out completely
  • Use tent stoves as needed, do not overload, check for clogged spark arrestors.
  • Keep wood and other materials away from stoves.
  • Use mechanical starters or matchers for lanterns.


  • Chambered rifles are NEVER allowed in saddle scabbards or in the camp.
  • Always un-chamber the rifle before putting gun in scabbard.
  • Do not use the rifle-scope as a spotting scope. Bad mistake!
  • Always handle the gun as if it is loaded. Keep it aimed away from the
  • other hunters and your guide.
  • Be sure of the target before firing. Game violations will be reported.
  • Don’t shoot more than 1 elk or mistake a deer for an elk, or reverse.
  • The mountains are steep. Watch your footing on rocks and wet logs.
  • Stay close to your guide.
  • Be prepared to dismount quickly for a shot opportunity.
  • Always carry matches, a knife and a small flashlight.
  • Do NOT ask your guide to break Game & Fish or Forest Service rules.
  • NO alcoholic drinks while hunting.
  • If you have any questions or concerns make sure to ask your guide.

Hunting Gear Recommendations

Please read and follow this gear list

  • Good rifle 30-06, 300 Mag, 338, etc no 270 short mag’s for elk.
  • 2 full boxes of bullets, may have to sight gun in if bumped on trail.
  • Lightweight shooting sticks, Stoney Point Steady Stix || 39” works great, bipods don’t fit into scabbard and shooting poles are had to carry with you on the horse.
  • Game bags for meat. Cheese cloth game bags work great.
  • Pair of well brokein hiking boots and snow boots for late Oct. hunts
  • Day pack or backpack
  • 2 water bottles at least 32 ounces.
  • Rain gear, gore-tex or dry plus is great.
  • Camera
  • Good Binoculars/spotting scope optional (guide will carry a spotting scope also)
  • Hunting knife
  • Flashlight or Head lamp
  • Warm sleeping bag-rated to zero or winter weight
  • Warm coat, dress in layers as it may be cold in the mornings and hot in the day, will or goretex is great. It could snow at any time!
  • Gloves: one light and one or two pair heavy for cold or snow.
  • Cap or stocking hat or winter hat to keep ears warm
  • One article of orange
  • Hat or vest will work (bow hunters exempt)
  • 3 pair of pants: one wool or cold weather material
  • 3 sets of long johns, 5 sets of underwear, 3 shirts, 5 pair of socks.
  • Personal kit: chapstick, hand lotion, washcloth, towel, medication, aspirin for aches/pains.
  • Sunglasses
  • Loafing shoes for around camp
  • Hunting License

Because horses are required to pack all gear into camp, we have a weight limit of 75 lbs and two duffel bags per person. You will only be allowed 2 bags and 75 lbs to be loaded on the pack stock. Gear will be weighed. Your backpack and rifle are not part of the 75lbs, you will carry these with you on your horse into camp.

The weather in the months of September and October can be 60 degrees or 10 degrees and snowing. Be prepared for either. Temperatures are usually warm during early September archery hunts around 60 degrees but it can snow.

Bow hunters need 3 stamps. Rifle elk hunters need 2 stamps. Deer and antelope hunters need 1 stamp. A $12.50 conservation stamp is required for all hunters. Bow hunters must buy a $32.00 archery stamp. All elk hunters must buy special elk feed ground stamp. These stamps may be produced at any store or gas station where Wyoming hunting licenses are sold or can be bought online at the Wyoming Game and Fish website (prices subject to change).