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Payment Plans

Installment payment plans are offered on a per semester basis.  Payment plans are calculated based on the balance reflected on the student account at the time of the request and dividing it over the total months remaining in the term.

Students and authorized parents/payers can enroll in the payment plan by selecting the 'Enroll' button on the 'Payment Plans' page within eServices.

Billing and Due Dates

You can enroll in the payment plan each term once the term's bill has been generated.

Installment Payment Plan ($42 fee due with first installment):
Charges less anticipated Financial Aid and other credits reflected on billing statement will be divided into four installments.

All billings are generated on or about the first of the month.

Fall Bill Generated the First Week of July Spring Bill Generated the First Week of December
Due August 15 Due January 15
Due September 15 Due February 15
Due October 15 Due March 15
Due November 15 Due April 15

Common Questions:

If I enroll in a payment plan, do I need to set up payments?
Yes. Enrollment in the payment plan will not automatically withdraw payments from your bank account. You will need to make payments through eServices. To make payments, please visit the ‘Make a Payment’ page within eServices.
I have enrolled in a payment plan. Why hasn’t my statement balance updated?
Your statement will not update until the next scheduled billing date. You will receive a confirmation of the amount due once the request for a payment plan has been processed. You can also review the installment calculated amounts on eServices under the Account Balance tab. For example – if you are on a 4 month installment plan you will see your installment breakdown once your confirmation of the plan is sent from Student Financial Services. This example shows the installment calculated for $1938.75/month.
My account has changed. When will my payment plan be re-calculated?
Payment plans are reviewed and updated prior to the next scheduled billing. You can contact Student Financial Services to verify the status of a change and to confirm the amount due each month. Email
Why do I have two payment plan fees on my account?
When changes are posted to a student account, the payment plan often needs to be updated. When the update is made, the plan is re-calculated for the month’s remaining on the plan. At this time, the original plan is cancelled and the fee is credited. Then, a new plan is set up and the fee is re-assessed. You can verify this on eServices using the Term Activity Document. The payment plan reflects a total due of $42.00.
Can I make a down payment on my payment plan to reduce the installment amounts?
Yes. Please contact Student Financial Services after the down payment is reflected on the student account. The office will then modify your plan for the reduced balance. Email
Do I need to enroll for a payment plan each term?
Yes, you do need to enroll each term.