Elk Hunt

We offer trophy elk hunts from our Bridger Wilderness pack-in camp, which sits on the boundary of Limited Quota Areas 99 and 27, as well as 4×4 hunts in Area 100. Our passion is archery elk. Our elk areas are Limited Quota. This allows our bulls to get a little more age on them without the constant pressure of a general area. This elk herd does not winter on a feed ground. They winter out of their normal range of the high desert. The heard numbers between 500-600 head. Our elk hunts are conducted the old western way of horseback, hiking, spot and stalk techniques. Our guides are second to none. Hunting and guiding is their passion. You will get 110% effort out of our staff and myself everyday of your hunt.

7 days $5250.

Deer Hunt

We offer two different types of deer hunts.

1. We hunt area 130 Region H for deer from our Bridger Wilderness camp for the first 10 day of October. Then it changes to Limited Quota on the 15th of October until the end of October. This is more of a migration hunt and is very weather dependent. We conduct these hunts out of a motel, then use 4×4 vehicles.

2. We also offer Limited Quota hunts in Areas 101 & 102, which are in the desert areas around Rock Springs, Wyoming. These hunts are conducted from a motel base with 4×4 vehicles. These areas require several preference points to draw a tag but are great opportunities for someone not in the greatest shape to harvest a trophy deer.

7 day $4,500.

Moose Hunt

We hunt Moose Areas 30 & 25. These areas still have great trophy moose available in them. We hunt Area 30 from our wilderness base camp or spike camps. This allows us the ability to cover more country to find that trophy of a lifetime moose. Area 25 is a motel and 4×4 based hunt that we conduct around the town of Daniel, Wyoming. This area holds some great trophy moose.

10 days $6,000.

Antelope Hunt

Our Antelope hunts are run out of a motel based operation utilizing 4×4 trucks for transportation. We offer trophy antelope hunts in Areas 88, 89, 90, 91, 93 along with Area 107, which is hand gun or muzzleloader only with great trophy potential.

3 days $1750

Mountain Lion hunt

Hunting is not just a hobby for us, it is a huge passion of ours. We own and train our own pack of top notch hounds. Our lion hunts take place in the rugged and beautiful winter landscape of Western Wyoming. We have several areas to hunt so if the quota fills in one area, we have plenty of other areas to hunt.

We take great pride in having the best equipment available to make your hunt the best experience out there. The mature cats that we harvest are typically in the 125 to 175 pound class with mid 14″ average skulls. We hunt lions from mid-November through the end of March. We offer motel and lodge accommodations with excellent meals and a large lunch for the day. Transportation is 4×4 truck and horses until snow conditions allow us to use snowmobiles. So if you are looking for an adrenaline rush like no other, give us a call and we will set it up for you. Tags can be purchased over the counter when you arrive.

7 day trophy lion hunts $6,000 (with additional days available due to weather or physical conditions)

Big Horn Sheep Hunt

We do our Big Horn Sheep Hunts through Black Diamond Outfitting.

Our sheep hunts take place in trophy Areas 8 and 23 in the north end of the majestic Winter River Mountain Range. Our sheep hunts take off from the trailhead with horses or mules to carry us and our gear into the hunt area. Then we load our backpacks and head up into our spike camp location. This is mostly a back-pack style hunt. We do have a couple places to hunt that can be accessed by horse but for the greatest odds of success we need to be able to get high up in the rocks alone the Continental Divide, where the trophy rams live, and not many people go! These hunts are very physically and mentally demanding. Wyoming sheep hunts are a once in a lifetime hunt and you can rest assured that every effort including pre-scouting and flying the area will be taken to make your Wyoming sheep hunt something you will never forget.

We are a young ambitious outfit. We will give you 110% effort everyday, and our success shows it!

We are 100% on opportunity and success! Rams taken have been in the mid 160’s to high 170’s. We offer 10 day hunts with the option to extend your hunt due to weather or physical conditions.

10 day hunt is $8,000.