Battery Prototyping Center


The Battery Prototyping Center (BPC) at Rochester Institute of Technology focuses on the development of emerging energy storage technologies through a partnership between RIT and NY-BEST Consortium. BPC is made possible by financial support from NYSERDA, Empire State Development, and SoLith. BPC provides prototyping services for more than 125 active members within the NY-BEST consortium and features a 1000 ft2 dry room. The dry room is split into two rooms with one side containing the pouch cell assembly equipment, and the remaining space is available for other moisture sensitive experiments and future expansion. BPC works closely with the NY-BEST Commercialization Center to ensure quality and reproducibility in the performance of the cells.

NY-BEST members have priority access to the prototyping center and can purchase dry room time at a discounted rate. Access to the dry room includes manufacturing and assembly of lithium ion pouch cells (assembly, electrolyte filling, formation cycles, degassing, and sealing), training for your employees on the prototyping line equipment, and prototyping assistance from the dry room’s trained personnel. BPC is uniquely positioned at RIT to provide prototyping services to multiple entities within NY-BEST while maintaining confidentiality related to industry and university projects. It’s a critical resource in the growing energy storage ecosystem of New York State.

The Battery Prototyping Center and Shmuel De-Leon are hosting the Li-Ion Cells Manufacturing Seminar. For more information about the seminar please visit the Battery Seminar website.


Matthew Ganter
Assistant Research Professor

Pricing Information

Rates for standard battery prototyping line services and fabrication: $300/hour
Rates for use of dry room laboratory only: $200/hour
Standard formation cycles: $35 per cell

NY-BEST Members get a discounted rate for laboratory rental and prototyping services:

  • NY-BEST Member rates for standard battery prototyping line services and cell fabrication: $267/hour
  • NY-BEST Member rates for use of dry room laboratory only: $167/hour

NY BEST member companies are entitled to discounted rates, and the BPC must know in advance if federal funds are to be used to pay for services.  Please contact Dr. Matthew Ganter ( if you are a NY BEST member or are using federal funds to obtain specific rate information.

In addition to offering  prototype line services and dry room facility services, the BPC offers technology and development expertise of its staff for larger research projects, please contact BPC directors to discuss your particular situation and the applicable research agreement terms.

All potential projects for the BPC will be required to complete a project intake application and any materials coming into the BPC are required to have an accompanying MSDS.

Cell Size and Design

  • Prismatic Pouch Cell Design
  • x3450 (34 mm W x 50 mm L) cell Dimension
  • Up to 50 electrode layers (25 anode cathode pairs) depending on electrode thickness

Diagram of a battery

Battery Prototyping Equipment

  • Electrode Punching/Notching Machine
  • Vacuum Drying Oven
  • Z/Z Pick and Place Stacking
  • Machine (Automatic)
  • Ultrasonic Welding Machines
  • Trim Cutting Machine
  • Pouch Forming Machine
  • Top and Side Pouch Sealing
  • Machines
  • Electrolyte Filling Machine
  • Degassing ↦ Vacuum Sealing
  • Machine
  • Formation Cyclers

Dry Room Specifications

  • Dry Room
  • 1000 ft2
  • Split Room Design
  • 6 Person Capacity
  • -40 ˚C Dew Point on Return